Rector's Letter

Loss, Life, and Easter.

When I was young, I never understood Easter. Did no-one ever explain it to me? More likely, they tried but I wasn’t listening. Either way, Easter was a mystery. Not that it bothered me, though. I liked the Easter eggs. That’s youth for you.

As you get older, you learn what kind of world you live in. Some things don’t go your way. When they don’t, that’s a loss. You make a big bad choice, and that’s a big bad loss for you. On a good day, despite your best efforts, you let people down. That’s a loss to you and to them. You handle things badly and there’s another loss. Some people bear more loss than others, but ageing brings its own losses and no-one escapes them. And eventually, the big Loss with a capital L.

Now, if life were nothing but loss, it would be a miserable business! And, thank God, it isn’t! There’s everything to enjoy! But loss in life is inevitable, so either we pretend it isn’t, or we find a way of facing up to the reality. And that’s where Easter started to make sense for me.

Imagine. You’ve given up your livelihood and three years of your life following a man who promises to change the world. For centuries, your people have been waiting for God to send The One, and you’re pretty convinced now that this is him! There are a few oddities, like him saying that he’d be killed and then rise again on the third day, but quite a few of his sayings go over your head and this is just one of those. What matters much more is that he shows every sign that he’s for real!

So on that Friday, when he’s arrested, beaten up, and executed (for upsetting the wrong people), that’s a capital letter Loss not only for him but also for you and all those with you. Capital. Letter. Loss. Saturday, you can’t think of anything else. But Sunday morning! Risen – just as He had said! Turns out He is the real thing! Turns out that what He said was true! He is the One! He transforms the loss of Friday into the triumph of Sunday! He changes the world! And here’s how it affects me.

The world is no longer as I thought. Jesus Christ can and does transform loss. Sin, bad choices, He forgives (that’s why He was willing to die on the Cross). Death is no longer the final word. He brings resurrection, new life, fresh start. What was the end is now just the beginning. Easter eggs – take them or leave them. But Jesus Christ – Him I’m sticking with!

Join us in worshipping the Lord of Easter who changes our world!

Rob Thomas

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